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No Paper, No Cash, No Fuss

Simple, online ticket purchases & hassle free cashless payments for music festivals and events.

Mii-D uses the latest in RFID technology to convert your festival wristband into a digital ticket as well as a cashless, pin-protected, pre-paid wallet.
  • Purchase your ticket or add funds online.
  • Swipe your MiiBand tag to gain access to participating events.
  • Make payments by swiping your MiiBand Tag at stalls & bars.
Its safe, its secure, its convenient.
Online ticketing options

Never worry about a printed ticket again.

Your MiiBand tag links directly to your online profile so your tickets can never be lost, stolen or duplicated.

Safe & easy cashless payments.

Don't carry around cash or cards. Swipe your NFC enabled MiiBand tag when making purchases then enter your pin code to verify payment. Its that simple!

Cashless services options
Top-up online options

Top-Up funds quickly and easily.

You can choose to top-up your digital wallet before or during an event via your account. You can also top-up at the venue via our top-up points.

Your funds and information are safe & secure.

Prepaid funds are stored on our secure database. Your MiiBand is also PIN protect and can be canceled on your online profile.

Pre-paid, Pin protected funds
Easy to use event services

Easy to use.

To start using the Mii-D service, all you need to do is register and collect your tag at participating events or retailers and activate your tag on your profile.

Your funds and information are safe & secure

  • 2048 Bit secure transactions
  • 3D Secure payment gateways
  • Pin protected passwords on all MiiBand Tags

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