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Sell tickets at your event or venue, quickly and easily with the lowest rates
box office rates

Lowest industry rates

Get the lowest industry rates for Box office and venue ticketing in South Africa. We have developed our own software which brings down costs allowing us to offer you lower rates.

venue ticekts

Print tickets at your venue

A Windows laptop and a thermal printer is all you need to set up a box office system at your event's venue, allowing you to print QR code tickets quickly and cheaply.

scan tickets

No expensive scanning equipment

Use your Android phone to validate and scan tickets that are printed at your event or venue.

track ticket sales

Quick setup & Reporting

Reduce ques, staff errors and theft with full reporting to assist with cash-up and post-event analysis.

Why use box office software

Handling cash is a tricky business. Money exchanging hands, miss-calculations and theft can all lead to shortages at the end of your event. Mi-id's box office software calculates your sales, displays required change and allows you to pull reports, so you can accurately cash up at the end of your event, minimising the chances of cash shortages.

Added box office benifits

track sales

Track Sales

By tracking your sales so you can reconcile your cash at the end of the day, reducing cash discrepancies at your event.

monitor attendance

Monitor Attendance

Know exactly how much patrons are in your venue or event and which types of tickets you have sold.

ticket validation

Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Each box office ticket has a unique QR code that is only valid for that ticket. Tickets can be validated using your Android smartphone and our app

track ticket revenue

Track Revenue

Our fees only apply to tickets that you sell and do not add any charge to complimentary tickets.

“You were available 24/7”

What I particularly appreciate is the fact that you were available 24/7. It was very good to know that at any given time you were on the other end of the phone. Well done and thank you.

- Erika Kooij , Drug Safety Africa Confernce -

Other event services

Qr code ticket

Sell ticket

Sell tickets online and validate them at your event using an android phone

  • Lowest Industry Rates
  • Quick Setup & Sell
  • Quick Payout
  • Generate revenue now
  • Ticket Validation
  • Full reporting
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printed ticket

Sell tickets
at your venue

Track your sales, reduce theft and print tickets using your laptop

  • Lowest Industry Rates
  • Low-cost ticket printing
  • Quick Setup & Sell
  • Quick Payout
  • Ticket Validation
  • Full reporting
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Cashless events


Make secure cashless transactions with your android phone

  • Lowest Industry Rates
  • PIN protected wristbands
  • Anytime top-up
  • Anytime Cash-out
  • Bar & vendor reports
  • POS integration
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Sell branded tickets


Make sales on your own branded subdomain

  • Lowest Industry Rates
  • Free Setup
  • Custom branded domain
  • Quick Setup & Sell
  • Custom tickets
  • Vanity URL
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