All the extras at the fraction of the cost.

Here at Mii-D we believe that it's the little extras that makes something special. This is why we have included a host of extra options that you can use when you open your Mii-D account.

Some reasons you should choose Mii-D

  • Reduce cash theft at bar
  • Eliminates the risk of armed robbery
  • Easily add stalls & vendors
  • Track Vendors Staff
  • Track Revenue Live

Stats & Analytics

Mii-D services are built around an end users profile, this enables event organisers to extract analytical information relating to markets, market segments and users. Because all purchases are made with the user’s Mii-Band (which is linked to a user profile) Mii-D are able to provide accurate data.


Medical assistance

Mii-D users are encouraged to add information to their account that helps in the case of an emergency. If there is an emergency situation where the user is unable to communicate, staff are able to scan the users Mii-Band and gain access to important information such as next of kin contact details, known allergies or currently used medication.