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The easiest, most cost-effective way to sell online tickets & host cashless events.

Mi-id provides innovative solutions for music festivals, events & concerts. We do this by seeking out the latest ticketing & cashless technologies as well as working with event organisers to provide a more convenient, safer experience for all.

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Easy & cost-effective

Get the lowest rates for online ticket sales & cashless events in South Africa. To get started all you need is a Mi-iD account & an android smart phone.

Direct Support

Get Face to face consulting & on-the-ground support. We work with event organisers to implement our services from the moment you sign-up

Extra benefits

A multi-talented team of online-marketers, developers, graphic designers & sales experts are ready to assist you to help make your event a success.

Mi-id’s platform gives you an easy way to sell tickets online or host and manage your cashless events. Create a superior experience for your patrons from the start.

What we offer

East Online ticketing for festivals

Barcoded & NFC Ticketing

Cashless Services for events

Cashless services

On-site support for organisers and promoters

On-site Support

Live Stats and data

Stats & Data

Marketing assistance

Online Marketing Assistance

Bar and staff reports for event organisers

Bar, Vendor & Staff Reports

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Mi-id’s products can be used for every type of event.



Music Festivals

Food Festivals


Sporting Events

White label solutions

Sell tickets on your own website with your own domain. No redirecting to 3rd party services

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