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Easy, online ticketing & cashless solutions for music festivals & events

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Full festival solutions

Mii-D provides the latest innovative solutions for music festivals, events and concerts. We do this by constantly seeking out the latest ticketing and cashless technologies and work closely with yourself and our partners to provide a safer, more convenient experience for all.

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NFC ticketing

Mii-D's NFC ticketing solutions provide a more secure alternative to regular ticketing options. Mii-D uses the latest NFC technology so tickets cannot be lost, stolen or duplicated.

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Cashless Events

Cut down on bank charges, reduce queues & eliminate the risk of cash being stolen at your event.

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Emergency Info

In an emergency situation each second counts. Access ticket holders medical conditions and next of kin within seconds.

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Live Sales Statistics

View ticket sales in real time and track the amount of revenue your bars and vendors are generating.

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