Introducing the MiiBand

The Mii-Band is an NFC wrist band / tag that serves as the medium between the Mii-D user and the Mii-D platform. A Mii-Band will belong to a single user and link to the user’s online profile. The user’s Mii-Band will serve as their unique identification and give the user the ability to make use of the various products and platform functionality. The MiiBand will remain with the end user throughout the event and can also be used at sub-sequential events.


User's tickets are linked to their MiiBand Tag so they never have to worry about printing a ticket or brining a cellularphone to an event. They don't even have to worry about bringing a bank card or wallet as funds can be loaded onto their profile which is linked to their MiiBand Tag. Everything they need is strapped on their wrist, this leads to a more enjoyable, care free event for your patrons.


User Identification

The Mii-D platform allows event organisers to Identify patrons at the entrance of event as well as in case of an emergency where patrons cannot communicate to security or medical staff


Reduce theft & loss

Stolen and lost property at festivals can put a damper on your patrons vibe. One of the spin offs of not having to bring cash, wallets or cellularphones into the event or on the dance floor is things cannot be lost or stolen.


Secure and Pin Protected

Only one MiiBand tag can be linked to a users profile at a time. If it is lost they can cancel it on their profile and activate a new one. The tag is also pin protected which means only the authorised user can use it to make purchases