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Supercharge your festival's wristband

Mi-id's festival wristbands allow you to do so much more

The MiiBand Tag is an RFID / NFC wristband tag that serves as the link between your customers and the Mi-id platform. This RFID / NFC tag links to the user’s online profile and can be used for cashless events, NFC ticketing or to retrieve users medical details.


User's tickets & cashless wallet are integrated into the MiiBand Tag. Everything they need is strapped to their wrist, this leads to a more enjoyable, carefree event for your patrons.

Customer Identification

The Mi-id platform allows event organisers to Identify patrons at the entrance of event or in an emergency situation where patrons cannot communicate to security or medical staff.

Reduce theft & loss

Stolen and lost property at events can put a damper on your customers' vibe. One of the spin-offs of not having to bring cash, wallets or phones into the event or on the dance floor is things cannot be lost or stolen.