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Mi-id cashless sollutions. Simple, cost effective cashless system for events, music festivals and concerts

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The most cost-effective cashless solution for events & festivals

From music festivals & food fairs to bus rides & sporting events. Mi-id’s cashless system allows event organizers to easily & efficiency manage their events, save on costs & reduce the risk of handling cash on-site.

Save on costs

Get the lowest rates available & reduce costs like security & banking fees.

Safe & secure

By going cashless you eliminate theft from bars & vendors as well as rule out the risk of robbery.

Instant Payout

Your money will be transferred as soon as you request it.


Transparent & trackable transactions

The Mi-id cashless system makes use of a pre-paid, online wallet which is linked to your customer's NFC festival wristband tag. You customers can top up cashless funds online, before & during an event. Making a cashless payment is as simple as scanning the NFC Tag with the Mi-id Cashless App. Tags are PIN protected and your customers can view their transactions or request payouts at any time.

Integrate with any POS system

Mi-id's Android app and online system allows you to integrate with any pos system you already have

Track revenue

View reports for vendors, bars or staff

On-Site Support

Your success is our success. We will be there to set up and monitor the system.

The only truly cashless system for event

All other cashless systems merely convert paper money into a different form of cash. Mi-id's festival wristbands are pin protected to ensure authorised. All transactions can be monitored by your customer's via their online profile.

Reusable and replaceable NFC tags

Customers do not need to purchase a new tag for each event. Lost tags? Tags can be replaced without losing funds.

PIN protected

This ensures maximum security for your customers. Users can change their PIN online or at the event should the need arise.

Going cashless is easy

No need to rent expensive scanning equipment or use specialised POS software. All you need is an Android smartphone and a Mi-id account.