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Mi-id NFC Event Tickets. The most secure form of event ticketing

online tickets

The most secure way to sell event tickets

Tickets cannot be duplicated or copied, eliminating the risks associated with printed tickets


Mi-ids wristband tags are linked directly to a users account. This ensures tickets can only be used by the intended person.

Easily Replaceable

If the tag is lost the user can easily cancel it via their profile and activate a new one.


Mi-d's festival wristbands can be used over and over again for subsequent events. There is no need for your customer to have to purchase a new tag at every event.

Save on costs

No need to rent expensive scanning equipment. All you need is a Mi-id account and an NFC enabled android phone.

Reduce Reduce queues

Mi-id's ticketing app scans tickets in a flash. With pre-sold tickets and the Mi-id app queuing times are shortened drastically.

Offline Secure Ticketing

Mi-id's NFC technology can be applied to pre-made printed tickets allowing you to verify the authenticity. This can be applied to anything from event tickets and transport cards to raffles.