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Mi-iD Services. Get the full package with Mi-id's online ticketing and cashless servicess

Our range online ticketing & cashless services allow you to efficiently run any type of event

Mi-id's online ticketing & cashless system is easy-to-use and quick to set up so you can start selling tickets or planning your cashless event in a matter of minutes, giving yourself the opportunity to focus on running a world-class event

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Online Digital Ticketing

Get the most affordable rates in South Africa along with on the ground support and extra services.

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online tickets

Cost effective cashless solutions

Eliminate the risk of handling cash, speed up payments, reduce queues and cut the cost of banking fees for your event.

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Extra Services

Let us help you create a world-class event with extra services from website design to social media marketing.

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Nfc tag

Upgrade your festival's wristband

Digital ticketing, cashless wallet and stored medical details. These are just some of the features available to your patrons when they use there MiiBand Tag.

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