Take you event to the next level

The Mii-D Cashless system makes use of an online wallet which is linked to a user’s Mii-Band (festival wristband tag). Users are able to top up funds via various payment methods including card, EFT's and instant EFT's before and during events through the Mii-D online portal. Top-up points can be arranged at events. Making and finalising payment is as simple as scanning the user’s Mii-Band with the Mii-D Cashless app (available on Android OS). Mii-Bands are pin-protected to ensure authorised use.

Some reasons you should choose Mii-D

  • Reduce cash theft at bar
  • Eliminates the risk of armed robbery
  • Easily add stalls & vendors
  • Track Vendors & Staff
  • Track Revenue Live


The Mii-D Cashless app allows event organisers to add multiple vendors and bars to a single event and monitor income in real time.

Track revenue and ensure that vendors at your events are making an impact. Use revenue statistics to ensure that you invite top performing vendors back to your events.


Reduce On-Site Cash

By going cashless, event organisers are reducing risk in multiple areas. Less cash means that the likelihood of cash related fraud or theft is reduce. Cash handling costs such as bank deposit fees are also reduced substantially.


Vendors & Staff Login

The Mii-D Cashless Payments app assigns ID’s to specific users and requires a log-in. Management are now able to track high performing individual vendors or bar staff.