Next Generation in event ticketing solutions.

Mii-D Event Solutions provide the end user with a low cost NFC wristband that is linked directly to their online profile where tickets are purchased and information stored. When used in conjunction with Mii-D’s Ticketing App (available on Android OS), the Mii-D ticketing solution provides levels of security that is unmatched by other platforms that make use of QR or bar-codes.
More reasons why you should choose Mii-D Event solutions
  • Lowest commission rate
  • Tickets cannot be duplicated
  • Tickets cannot be lost
  • Monitor sales live

Prevent unauthorised distribution!

Mii-D tickets are completely virtual and can only be redeemed on presentation of a valid Mii-Band which is linked to an individual profile. Because there are no hard copies of tickets available this makes unauthorised reselling of tickets imposable. Tickets can only be transferred via the Mii-D platform under specific conditions.


Accurate Sales

User's tickets are linked to an online profile therefore Mii-D ticketing platform can provide statistics on the type of people attending events. Perfect for focusing your marketing efforts for you next event.