Box office ticket sales: Sell tickets at your event or venue

Box office ticket sales: Sell tickets at your event or venue

Sell tickets at your event or venue quickly & easily

When selling tickets at your event or venue, taking cash at the door can be a logistical nightmare to say the least. Handling money, making sure your staff are doing their job and implementing proper access control all add to the stresses of event day… But it does not have to be. You’ve taken the first step in the right direction to ensure your box office runs like a well-oiled engine.

Monitor your cash intake, keep track of ticket types being sold, print tickets cost-effectively and assist in access control. Our software is specially developed for quick set up and ease of use. You don’t even need any specialised scanning equipment.

This blog summarises all the points you need to know about our box office software and how it can make managing and selling tickets at your event or venue quick and easy.

Don’t stress. We have it covered.

Here are some of the benefits that you can take advantage of when using our box office software at your event or venue.
We will cover each point in more detail in this blog

  • Quick set up and ease of use.
  • Print barcoded tickets for better access control.
  • Track revenue for door sales.
  •  Reconcile your cash at the end of the day.
  • Track the different types of tickets you are selling. eg General or VIP.

Mi-id box office and venue ticketing software

…1,2,3 and start selling!

Setup, print and scan. The only steps you need to run your own box office.

We want to make things as easy for you as possible. All you need to do is create an event on our website, install the software we send you onto a windows laptop, link it up to your online event and you are ready to go.

Specialised POS software and ticket scanners are history.

Have a computer and android phone laying around? You probably do. These two items are all you need to set up a basic box office and when used in conjunction with a pose printer you can print tickets each with a unique barcode which can be scanned upon entry. The ticket can be marked off as used to ensure that it is only valid for one entry. To scan the ticket download our ticketing app on the Google Play Store.

Don’t be in the dark, Track sales on the go.

If you are still counting how many wristbands you have left at an end an event or trying to decipher if that’s a tick on a torn piece of paper when its time to cash up, Its time to go digital…now! Your event is synced to our database that stores all the information you need. When the time comes, you can log onto your account and see exactly how much cash you should have in the box, how many tickets have been sold for each ticket type you have created and if you really want, we can pull time-stamped records for you. Because our box office system is digital this information is stored for future reference so you can always go back to see past sales an revenue.

If you would like to find out more about our box office software or are looking to sell tickets at your event or venue, let us call you to find out how our software can help you sell more tickets and take some of the stress out of managing your event.

For more information on how to sell tickets at your event or venue fill in the form below or call us on 0614512633 or leave us a message here and we will call you back

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