How to buy tickets online

How to buy tickets online

We try and make buying tickets online as quick and easy as possible. Take note of the on-screen instructions that will guide you through the process. You will need to fill in your email address and some extra details to purchase a ticket. These will be used so you can come back to download your tickets at a later date and  to send them straigh to your email address. Some details will also be used for security  verification should you need to contact support after you have purchased your tickets.

1. Select an event you would like to buy tickets for.

choose event to buy tickets
Choose which event you would like to buy tickets online for

Mi-id displays all active events in the search. Click on the “Veiw Event” button for the event that you would like to purchase tickets for.

2. Select the type of ticket you would like to buy.

Select which ticket or tickets you would like to purchase

Select which ticket you would like from the drop down. Take note of the dates and the price. Some events might sell tickets for different dates and some dates might have different pricing. Once you are happy with your selection click the “Purchase Ticket” button.

3 Sign in or create a new profile.

Ticket account
Sign in or create a profile to receive your ticket via email

In order for you to download the tickets you buy online or to receive them via email you will need to create a profile. If you have not purchased tickets online with Mi-id online ticketing before, click “I am a new customer”. If you have bought tickets with us before sign in with your details and continue on to step 6.

4. Enter in your email address and password.

Enter your email and password to access the tickets you bought online at a later stage

These details will be used so you can sign in and download the tickets you have purchased online at a later date. Your email will also be used to send the tickets your email address. Rember to choose a password that is longer than 6 characters. Click continue once you have filled in your details.


5. Fill in your ticket details.

These details will appear on your ticket and used for security verification

These details will appear on your ticket and can be used for security verification at the event should the event organiser want to verify your tickets. Enter in your name, surname, phone number and ID number.

Your phone number will be used should we need to contact you about your ticket purchase or verify your account. You do not need to fill in your ID number but this can be used as security verification for the Mi-id support staff and the event organisers.

Please follow the example placeholder text with the format of your details.

6. Choose your payment method.

Choose your payment method to pay for your tickets

You have 3 options to pay when buying tickets online through the Mi-id platform.

  1. Card payment.
    You can use your credit or cheque card to buy tickets online. Once you complete payment your tickets will be available instantly. Please note we use a 3rd party card processing company to allow you to buy tickets online securely. For this reason, we charge a small admin fee that goes to the card processing company. You tickets should be avialbe immediately after your purchase.
  2. Instant EFT
    If you do not have a cheque or credit card but have online banking you can buy tickets through our Instant EFT payment method. Your tickets will be available immediately after purchase. A small fee will also be added to use this service.
  3. Standar EFT
    When you buy your tickets online you can avoid the admin fees of the two previous options by selecting our Standard EFT. This is a normal online banking transfer. We will supply you with a reference number and our banking details and you can deposit the money straight into our account. Once you have made the payment remember to click the “Complete Payment. button.
    Please note:
    Transactions can take up to 3 days to reflect. You will only receive the ticket you bought online once the payment reflects in our account.
    You will need to use the exact reference number we give you. If you do not use this exact number we cannot track your payment and assign you the tickets.
By tickets via bank transaction
Remember to use of the unique reference number when buying your tickets


Where are my tickets?

There could be a few reasons why you cannot download your online tickets or do not receive them via email.  Here is a list of the reasons why

You chose Manual EFT and you bank with a different bank to us.
Ticket purchase can take up to 3 days to reflect as we will only allocate your tickets once payment has been received

Your payment failed,
Check to see if funds were deducted off your account. If you do not see a purchase for the tickets the transaction probably failed.

Your payment was reversed.
In some cases, your bank might authorise the purchase and then reverse it due to a banking error. Check to see if the funds were transferred back into your account.


Our emails are getting sent to your spam box or are being blocked.
If our emails are ending up in your spam or not being received whitelist [email protected] and add us as a contact to your email list. This will avoid your tickets ending up in spam.


A time delay between the bank, the payment gateway and the Mi-id website.
If any of these 3 websites are extremely busy it could cause a backlog in the transactions. Give it up to 30 minutes for your online tickets to reflect.

If you have been through all these steps and you still have not received your tickets send us an email at [email protected] and we will either send your tickets to the registered email address or investigate why you have not received them.




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